Cigarette Vending Machines Ireland

Tobaccoland FAQs

Is there a cost to me to install a machine?
No, Tobaccoland will install a vending machine to suit your premises’ needs.

Is there a maintenance fee on these machines?
No, Tobaccoland maintains all runnings of the vending machine.

Do I have to insure the vending machine?
No, Tobaccoland has full public liability insurance on all vending machines.

What do I receive for using Tobaccoland’s service?
All customers receive a monthly commission, based on sales generated through the vending machine.

Benefits of Using Tobaccolands Service

  • No installation or maintenance cost
  • No fixed contracts
  • A guaranteed supply of all tobacco & cigarette products
  • Competitive Commission Rates
  • All brands of tobacco products available through Tobaccoland
  • Guaranteed “No Out of Stock” issues
  • No insurance required
  • Tobaccoland ensure full compliance with new legislation “Track & Trace”